There is No Zuul

For beneath any religious and nationalistic and patriotic jingoism that declares that we are made in the image of gods or are the true harbingers of freedom or that we are the ultimate protectors of all that is good upon the planet, the fact remains: We are the beings who kill other beings like ourselves. There is no Zuul.

When one strips away the self-induced differences that we impose upon ourselves and on others, there is only the ‘we’. Peeking under the labels of Christian and Muslim and Pagan and Buddhist and atheist, we find ourselves pondering the same questions. Traveling past the checkpoints marked Alabama and Canada and Asia, we find that ‘we’ are living there. Looking into blue eyes or green or brown, we see ourselves looking back. Ten fingers, ten toes. A mouth that smiles in happiness and screams in pain. Arms that cradle infants and lovers and hoist the guns that may kill them. We are mothers and fathers and grandparents and sons and daughters across the world. In all of these things and many more, we are the same.

And that is the thing that we must ignore, that we must purge from our great rational human brains in order to wage our war. We must become an “Us” so that there may be a ‘Them’. Our cause must be just, so that theirs may be unjust. We must be right, so that they can be wrong. We must become different from them. We must make them so unlike ourselves that we cannot see ourselves in them any longer. So that we cannot see our own son or daughter in that small body lying crushed beneath the tank or hanging from the barbed wire fence. They must become so unlike us that their cries of fear and pain do not sound anything like our own. They must become utterly ‘not us’ so that we can proceed convinced that their hearts do not break as ours do.

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