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Missing Girl in Machynlleth – Photo released | Dyfed Powys Police | Heddlu Dyfed Powys

5 year old April Jones missing, abducted

Police have released photographs of missing five year old April Jones who was last seen playing with her friend on their bikes near to garages in the town at around 19:30hrs this evening.

April was seen getting into a light coloured van or van sized vehicle which then drove off.

Police ask anyone with any information to call them on 101.

via Missing Girl in Machynlleth – Photo released | Dyfed Powys Police | Heddlu Dyfed Powys.


An open letter to a friend

Dear friend,

I know right now it feels like your world is caving in on top of you and that there is no way out, but i’m here to tell you there is.

You are a good person, to your core, who is loved and loves openly in return, and I know at times that has gotten you hurt and makes you question ever opening yourself up again, ever taking chances on anything uncertain in result- I understand.

I would love to take the pain away, to make it easier for you to move past it, to show you that things will be ok, but I can’t. I would love to convince you not to beat yourself up over what has happened, but I know that you will, and that you will try time and time again to find a way to blame yourself- because that is how open and caring you are to everyone around you, no matter what. Always trying to take it all upon yourself. I would love not to fill you full of cliched overused lines, but you really WILL be stronger at the end of this, and it will not kill you. Good things really DO come to those who wait (and especially those who fight for it), and this too SHALL pass.

When it feels like there is a GIGANTIC man sitting on your chest who just won’t get off and let you breathe in deeply and EXHALE, really exhale, – words don’t mean a whole hell of a lot. They can’t mend a heart, or wipe away tears, and sometimes the truth can be hard to hear. When we’re falling apart inside, we don’t want to hear any words other than the ones that tumble around inside of our heads.

This is it. I can’t do this. It’s over. I can’t take it. I can’t make it through this

And the last thing you want someone to say to you is STOP. Just stop.

You want to wallow, you want to feel like it’s all really over, but to feel better all at the same time. I’ve been there. I’ve felt that. I’ve wanted to smack the hell out of anyone who bugged me about how I was feeling or how I was doing or asked me if I wanted to talk.

Looking back, I realize the ones who asked, the ones who bugged and annoyed me were the ones who actually cared.


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