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Anxiety - Just because you feel bad, doesn't mean things really are bad.

ANXIETY is the body’s way of responding to danger. It’s a survival mechanism designed to keep us alive.

But the danger we perceive doesn’t actually have to be there. We just have to think that it is.

Whether the danger is real or imagined, our automatic survival mechanisms will kick in and we will try to escape or avoid the danger.

We might avoid certain people or places. We might refuse to go out. Perhaps we’ll only go out with someone else present and then leave early.

If we choose to face the danger, we might use coping behaviours to get us through, like smoking more, fiddling with our clothes, avoiding eye contact or taking medication.

Whilst our coping behaviours get us through the perceived danger, they actually keep our anxiety going. As long as we depend on them to cope, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity for the anxiety to go away on its own.

Learning to confront our anxiety might be uncomfortable in the short term, but it helps us take control and feel better in the long term.

If you feel anxiety starting to overwhelm you, ask yourself if you have any proof that what you fear is actually going to happen. What is the worst that could happen and how would you cope with it if it did? Imagine it is six months from now. How important will this feel then?

Just because you feel bad, doesn’t mean things really are bad. Imagine yourself coping with this situation. If you can handle it in your imagination, you can handle it in reality.

via Inner Child Healing.

Panic Rant ‘n’ Roll

This! This right here! I finally leave mum’s house, meet a wonderful man and move in together to start our new life, and I settle into my new life and happiness



PANIC SETS IN because one of my sisters can’t get her shit together and yells at me about it on the phone. Because my mother will always see me as her baby girl and not the woman I’ve grown up to be MORE THAN 12 YEARS AGO. Because three moves, falling in love, and starting my own family wasn’t stressful enough. Because of so much family shit packed into 30 LOOOONG years I am a fucking nervous wreck.

No more.

I am not your therapist, nor am I your journal/diary. Do not call to complain about things I cannot control because all it fucking does is make me PANIC. You (plural “you’) ALL know I suffer from panic attacks and fucking ptsd so you best remember this: If you want to continue to be in my life in any meaningful way, then you will restrain yourself (plural again) and be civil in every last one of our fucking communications or, I swear to you, there will be no further communication between you and I. I will answer your calls again, but if/once they turn for the worse, then the call is over.

I don’t know if this is a form of Tough Love, and I don’t really care. All I know is this is now affecting my health very seriously. And if my family, my literal flesh and blood, can’t bring themselves to care, then so be it. I will always love you, even though you never believe it. But I will not die for you. I will not lose my sanity for you.

I am shaking so bad right now. I’m ready to cry again. Fuck. Fuck this shit. I need chocolate.

Wii Tennis

693. -51.

It’s been twenty-two days since I last played. Clearly, I’ve suffered some atrophy. Bad kitty! Lol

My country, my brethren, my religion

Paul Ryan and PCOS | entertain ideas of great communion

Paul Ryan and PCOS

This is a bit of an overshare. It’s the kind of thing that would usually be private. Unfortunately, by co-sponsoring HR 212, Paul Ryan has made my private health issue a matter of public policy.

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s pretty sucky. Basically, it means that I have a hormonal imbalance that does all sorts of really unfortunate things to my body- acne, extra hair, weight gain. On top of that, I get my period really rarely. Like, maybe three times a year. That may sound alright (the fewer periods the better, am I right ladies?), but when I do get them, I have incredible amounts of pain. Plus, and this is more important to me, my chances of getting pregnant naturally are pretty tiny.

One of the problems with getting a period so rarely (which is actually a condition called oligomenorrhea) is that it puts you at a higher risk of getting uterine cancer. So on top of all the rest of the horribleness that is PCOS, you are at a higher risk of cancer.

PCOS is pretty common. It’s estimated that between 5 and 10% of women of reproductive age have it. It’s the most common endocrine disorder for women in that age bracket. It’s also incurable.

But it is treatable.

One of the most common and effective treatments of the side-effects of PCOS is the Pill. It treats a bunch of the symptoms. My skin clears up. I lose weight. But, more importantly, I get my period regularly, which means it hurts less and, best of all, reduces my chance of getting endometrial cancer.

But Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan doesn’t care about any of that. He doesn’t care about preventing pain or reducing the risk of cancer. He wants to ban the oral conceptive pill because he thinks a fertilized egg should have all the protections of a human being.

You can see how ridiculous this is in my case. He would ban me from being able to access medical care I need because of a POTENTIAL fertilized egg. The fertilized egg doesn’t even exist. The fertilized egg has a very slim chance of ever existing naturally, due to my PCOS. But he’s so concerned about that potential, he’d prevent me from having access to the care I need.

And you know what, if I did want to have a kid, he’d like to sincerely limit my options there too, because he’d ban IVF.

Paul Ryan is an extremist. For all the talk about small government, he’d like to interfere with my doctor’s capacity to treat my chronic condition. That’s about as big as government gets.

Vote Obama in 2012. Do it for the women with PCOS who deserve access to medical care.

via Paul Ryan and PCOS | entertain ideas of great communion.

“Austin Zehnder and Will Frey are rapists”

Wii Boxing

149. +74.

Tennis usually works to distract and relax me, to work away the aches and sore muscles, but not today. I tried yoga (mixed with assorted strength exercises) in Wii Fit, to no avail. Still tense and cranky. On to boxing! Turns out I just needed to punch air, and I knocked that computer character on his virtual ass!

Exhilaration, and exhaustion. At least now I’m sore for a reason.

This Above All: To Thine Own Self, Be True

1. what makes you feel most alive?
Breathing. Sex with my love, and the afterglow. Seeing a really beautiful thing/happening, something that evokes that sense of exhiliration.

2.describe your best kiss.
The soft, slow warm kiss with arms wrapped around each other, and looking up to see your lover’s eyes full of that mixture of sweet love and deep lust.

3.can you love someone without loving yourself?
Sometimes. But I think that sort of love has a very short shelf life. Better to learn to love yourself first, and then worry about finding your counterpart.

4.what’s your favorite physical possession?
Having lost most of my possessions this last year, I have to say the sentimental things. The old birthday cards made by my mum, the calendar from my older brother three years ago, the tissue paper flower from my youngest nephew for Mother’s Day, the fairy picture my oldest sister gave me some years ago, the leather and bead bracelet my older sister made me, the tiny pic of my younger brother taken with the Game Boy camera we used to have. I had to leave the rose vases my love sent me, but I remember them. ❤ you think you live in the past, present, or future?
Present, with heavy past influences that I try my damnedest not to let dictate the future. you prefer dating someone you’ve known for a long time, or have met recently?
I’ve never been on a date. Lol But I’d have to say the first one.

7.complete the sentence: “in a perfect world…”
In a perfect world, one would need never to utter the words “in a perfect world”.

8.could you enjoy sex without committing emotionally?
I think I could. But why would I?

9.what’s your earliest memory?
My dad holding a toddler me, taking me around our dining room to turn the light button (not switches, buttons AND THEY WERE COOL) on and off. It’s a good memory, and the only conscious one I have of him.

10.what’s something you’ll never understand about the opposite sex?
This question has become difficult for me to answer since growing up and becoming aware of the LGBTQ communities. I find myself thinking of this question in terms of other human differences, and there are lots of thing I’ll never understand about other people. For instance, how can one rape someone? How can a person commit that act, and never once think that it might be wrong or horrific? I’ll never understand that mindset. do you define the concept of a soul?
Awareness of self and others’ mortality, wants, and needs. Awareness of being a single entity within a group.

“I think, therefore I am.”

“I see you, and I feel your pain.”

“What about me?”

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

12.on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your appearance?
Seven. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m not ugly. would you define your sense of humor?
Childish, crude, dirty, punny, dry, intelligent. It’s a mix.

14.if someone were to serenade you to win you over, what song would they sing?

15.are you more concerned with taste or calories when you eat?
Taste. It’s always taste. do you decide when to let go of something?
It’s usually about survival. you believe in fate?
Most often not. But I have seen things that defy that.

18.if you could tell something to an ex, what would you say?
I don’t have an ex. Lol But to the one that came closest, maybe I’d say “thank you”.

19.what does the third text in your inbox say?
Which inbox? Ha. It’s a email: Custom Clothing, Creative Furniture, Choose Your Own Adventure, Xonex Art Supplies…

20.what are five things that make you cry?
a. Hormones

b. Sad things

c. Emotional Pain

d. Physical Pain, if it’s bad enough
e. Hormones

21.have you ever considered suicide?
Yeah, but I couldn’t do it. It was my own personal cowardice, and childish thinking, that made me even consider it. I say “cowardice”, but I know it was also that little spark of life that burns inside, that contrary and indignant piece of me that raised it’s head and said “NO. FUCKING. WAY.” that stubbornly keeps me going.

22.does the end justify the means?
No, is what I used to tell myself when I was younger and the world was seen in black and white. But now that I’ve grown up, I’ve realized there are at least one or two ends that do justify the means. We don’t live in a pretty world, and I’ve come to accept that ugly fact.

23.what was the last dream you can remember about?
It’s really hazy. Something about my best online friend, and some weird place, and cutting my hair. Or maybe those are separate dreams, I don’t know. I’ve been trying to not remember my dreams.

24.would you be more hurt by a partner having an emotional affair or a physical affair?
Emotional. But the physical would ramp up my ocd tendencies and germ phobia. And then there’d be hell to pay. you think your astrological sign suits you?
Very closely.

26.what’s something a person should know before dating you?
I’m a mess. Lol you believe in life after death?
I think there’s something like that. I won’t be surprised if there isn’t though. 😀

28.what historical period would you most like to live in?
Unfortunately, this one. you prefer to stand out or blend in?
Depends on my mood.

30.what kind of drunk are you?
I’ve never been drunk.

31.what’s a trait that you hate in a person?

32.if you could sleep with any fictional character, who would you do?
Sleep. Hog the covers. Drool a little.

33.which of your five senses could you live without?
Scent. My nose is too damn sensitive to the point where when I ignore the olfactory onslaught so intensely I can’t smell anything at all. I have difficulty finding that happy medium. has your taste in music changed in the past years?
It hasn’t, it’s just broadened. As it should. 🙂

35.what’s your favorite fairy tale?
I’m not big on fairy tales. Not since learning what they’re really about. Cannibalism, rape, torture, kidnapping, murder, imprisonment? No, thank you.

36.are looks important in a relationship?
To a degree. We are a highly-visual species that is supposedly highly-evolved. Let’s try to not hate anyone based on their appearance, ok?

37.which parent are you more like?
Mum is who I grew up with, so Mum, I suppose. you prefer to fuck or make love?
Aren’t you a nosy little bastard?

39.were you to have children, what would you name them?
I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll have my own kids. I’m getting old and my patience is being worn away by the one child I do have. God knows I love the little bugger, but omg he’s defiant and contrary! Lol general, do you prefer to ask or get asked?
What kind of candyass q is this?

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